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Organise your craft room with Hochanda

We all know that your craft room is a special place. It's where you go to be your most creative and bring your projects to fruition.

For those of you that have your own craft room, or an area at home you craft in - it's important to have it organised. By doing so you’ll experience the same enjoyment from it that you get from your favourite crafts.

Hochanda have come up with 4 ways to organise your craft room that you might like to try.

Use Storage to maximise your space

By adding shelves, pegboards, and other storage solutions, you can maximize your craft space. This is worth considering especially if you have a limited amount of time to craft or are working to a budget.

A place for everything

Before you start working on your next spot of crafting, give all of your art and craft supplies and materials a quick tidy up. Sort out any you don’t need and put those that you use most where they can easily be reached. Using clear, see through boxes will give you an instant glimpse of what’s inside.

Convert a wardrobe

If you’re short of space to craft in, banish those thick winter clothes into bags and boxes for the attic and loft. It will free up space in your wardrobe where you can place racks, shelves or a organise boxes of your craft supplies. It will result in a smaller less cluttered space

Make room for extra things

Keep any empty drawer or box for future projects you’ll be starting soon as they’re sure to close to your heard. A storage caddie on wheels can be a robust, clear and stylish solution, particularly if you like to craft in different rooms of your home.

For more ideas on ways to organise your craft room. Click here to visit the Hochanda website.


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