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QVC has made a Christmas movie

The networks and streaming services are stuffing a lot of Christmas movies under the tree this year. (That number, now above 150, keeps rising.) But wait, there's more! What if we told you that the latest addition comes courtesy of... QVC? Yes, the home shopping network has announced that it's entering the bustling holiday movie marketplace with a Yuletide flick about the magic of not just Christmas, but something easier to put a price tag on: hot chocolate.

Premiering Nov. 24 on QVC's free streamer QVC+, Holly & The Hot Chocolate centers on Holly, a metropolitan food critic who gets stranded in Pine Falls, a town that is steeped in the holiday spirit, thanks to a certain hot chocolate recipe that can be found in the town square. Also included in the deal: an unexpected romance with a mildly grinch-y tow-truck driver.

The idea for the movie originated with QVC's In the Kitchen with David host David Venable, who appears in the film as a hot chocolate vendor.


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