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Sewing Tips for Beginners

Whether you have got a hand-me-down sewing machine or the newest design waiting to be delivered to life, it is never been a far better time to start out sewing and finding a passion for this popular craft.

There is always a touch of hesitation when it involves learning a new skill. At Hochanda their demonstrators made it as easy as possible for you to begin sewing. As the home of crafts, hobbies and arts they are with you each step of the way with all the essentials you’ll need. From supplies and materials to easy to follow guides and video tutorials.

Remember, learning a new craft does not have be daunting! We have all dabbled before at some point with sewing even if it is just with a needle and thread. So, sit back and let Hochanda help educate, entertain and encourage you with several stitching ideas.

Underneath we have shared some fabulous tutorial videos to get you started.

Thread your Sewing Machine

First up, for anyone new to sewing learning how to thread up your sewing machine is a good place to start as any. Settle into your introduction to sewing by letting Freya and Sarah show you how to. In this easy to follow tutorial they explain how to thread up your machine, so you are ready to get sewing!

Add a Zip to Your Sewing Project

To some, adding a zip to your almost finished project can seem arduous! However, with this easy to follow tutorial it couldn't be easier! Kerrie Padmore from Living in Loveliness talks you through the steps involved which are super easy. Believe it or not, but it is not long ago that Kerrie just a beginner when it came to sew. She only took it up as a hobby whilst on maternity leave but quickly acquired the skills and confidence that’s allowed her to share her hints and tips with us.

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