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SmartResponse Appointed as Exclusive Airtime Sales House for New TV Shopping Channel

From October 1st, 2023 SmartResponse are delighted to announce they will be the exclusive sales house for all 30-minute infomercial airtime sold on new 24/7 TV shopping channel, Home Shop TV, located on Page One in the Shopping section on the Sky Digital electronic programme guide (EPG).

Home Shop TV will be an infomercial only TV shopping channel close to the top of the Shopping section of Sky Digital. The 30-minute airtime on Home Shop TV will be sold by SmartResponse to all UK based infomercial advertisers whose content is Clearcast approved.

Pete Mills, Managing Director of SmartResponse, commented: “We are delighted to be appointed as the exclusive sales house for airtime on Home Shop TV that is placed in such a premium EPG position, and look forward to making this new TV shopping channel a great success for all UK infomercial advertisers from October 1st”.


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