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Top 10 DIY Gifts for Your Girlfriend

All girls love cute gifts and can’t wait for a special occasion to get a lovely present. And there’s nothing more romantic than to receive one from the closest and dearest person. Who else could know better how to put a smile on a girl’s face than her boyfriend?

A truly sincere gift that makes you feel how your partner cares about you can work wonders for your relationship. We’ve put together a selection of the best homemade gifts that will show how much you love your one and only. They would perfectly complement a more significant gift or work as a unique present for any occasion.

1) Origami flowers

Flowers are always a nice addition to any gift. And homemade flowers are even better. That’s why it’s a great idea to quickly master the art of origami. No worries, it’s not that hard. You can find hundreds of schematics for making flowers from paper. Sure, putting together some of them might be quite difficult, but that will make your efforts even more valuable.

2) A sweet card

Mix your origami bouquet with a homemade card. With a bit of research, you’ll find thousands of ideas and masterclasses on how to make voluminous postcards, clamshell cards, and much more. Feel free to watch a workshop of some handmade studio on YouTube for more inspiration. Cards with love notes and other DIY gifts work best when you’re dating an ex because they often make you look much more loving and caring in the girl’s eyes.

3) One can never have too many photos

This is a classic of handmade ideas. The best thing about photo gifts is their exclusivity and originality. Collages, comics, photo stories – from your favorite pictures, you can make a beautiful gift for a girlfriend, build a family tree, or put together a whole art piece in a shape of a heart. You can also add a homemade photo frame or stand or print the photo not on paper but on fabric and make a pillow, bag, book cover, or a panel on the wall.

4) Exclusive accessories

What else can you give a girl to emphasize her personality? An accessory, of course! It can be beads or a bracelet made of polymer clay, ribbons, leather, fabric, or wire. Usually, girls highly value handmade trinkets and wear them as a reminder of how happy they are to have such a caring boyfriend.

5) A time capsule

It’s a pretty original gift. Take a durable container and fill it with a romantic letter, small notes and wishes, photos, and cute little things only two of you understand. Bury it in some quiet spot to open it together after a few years. This gift may be a great addition to a beautiful wristwatch.

6) Box with love notes

A not so expensive but very cute and romantic gift for Valentine’s Day or anniversary. Buy or make a small box and fill in with notes. These can be compliments, jokes, or wishes. The main thing is that the girl should be pleased to read them.

7) Heart-shaped body scrub

A natural scrub will surely surprise her. To give it the shape you want, grind and melt the soap base, add red dye, a few drops of essential oil or flavor, as well as sugar for a scrubbing effect. And then put the hearts in special molds and freeze them.

8) A relationship calendar

That’s another lovely gift for Valentine's Day. Print a calendar, the first day of which is the day your relationship began. Next, you write romantic notes for each subsequent year and attach them to the calendar.

9) A picture from threads

This one is a bit complicated. Using nails and threads, draw a beautiful picture – it can be a heart, an inscription, or something else. Put a drawing on the painted board and carefully drive small nails along its contours. After that, wind the threads on the frame. Your task is to completely fill the space between the nails.

10) Natural soap

You can easily make some soap with a fruity or floral aroma. To do this, you’ll need a soap base, essential oil, natural dye, and mold. Alternatively, you can make home-made bath bombs.

Be patient and devote enough time to do everything perfectly. Girls have a habit of paying attention to every little thing, so you need to think through everything – from the idea of ​​a gift to the packaging.


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