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Top-rated Hunter air purifiers are on sale at QVC, today only

Whether you struggle with indoor allergies, have a pet or live in an area where the air quality isn't ideal, having a solid, reliable air purifier is a must. If you've been shopping around for a top-notch air purifier, consider your search over.

Just for today, QVC has slashed $17 off the price of high-quality (and stylish!) Hunter HP400 Tower Air Purifiers. Right now, you can get this top-rated air purifier for $80 (was $97). That's the lowest price you'll see anywhere else, where prices normally run up to $130! Don't want to pay for it all upfront? No problem! QVC lets you make five easy, interest-free payments of $15.99 instead.

OK, but let's talk about this air purifier... . For starters, it has a HEPA filter, aka the Cadillac of air filters, allowing this handy device to quickly and easily pull dust, mold, pet dander and other allergens right out of your air. A coconut carbon pre-filter with EcoSilver germicidal filtration also takes out germs and other pathogens lurking in your air.

Choose from three fan speeds —all with whisper-quiet sound — via the digital control panel to find the right level of cleaning power that's perfect for you.

The Hunter HP400 Tower Air Purifier even has a sleep mode to make this purifier work around your snoozing. Want it just to run for shorter periods of time? Choose from two, four and eight-hour timers.


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