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Why Buy a GoPower and Emboss? With Couture Creations

Could this be what is missing from your craft stash to be able to take your creations to the next level? Learn about how these machines can help you make exact shapes and designs from your crafting stock for an easier, faster and more efficient crafting experience.

“The GoPower and Emboss is an electronic die cutting and embossing machine – but what does this mean, really?”

To start at the beginning, die cutting and embossing machines have been around for years in the crafting industry, helping to make cardmaking and scrapbooking elements easier, faster and more efficient to make. You take the plates that come with your machine to create a sandwich to apply pressure and either cut and/or emboss into your chosen stock as it passes through the aperture of your machine. This allows the creation and reproduction of exact shapes and designs from a variety of materials including patterned papers, cardstock, fabric, vellum and more.


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