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Archycals Tracking Webcam

Archycals Webcam, Tracking Webcam with Ring Light Microphone Privacy Cover FHD 1080P Web Camera Auto-focus USB Webcam for Video Conferencing, Live Streaming, Recording, Gaming, Video Calling.

With so many people working from home now, we need to have a webcam that functions the way we need. A webcam that can give us the technology we need without having twice as many components to worry about. The Archycals webcam is the one that contains everything needed for video calls, gaming, or even live streaming and recording. YouTube is becoming even more popular with people trying to become internet sensations. This is a camera that will do wonders for them.

The technology in this little webcam will actually assist you in pre-editing any recordings you make. The camera will basically follow your movements and keep you in the centre of the screen.

With the webcam, you get a wide angle and zoom lens, 1080 pixel, it comes with both vertical rotation and horizontal rotation angle movements. Horizontal is up to 315* and vertical is 40*. For those times when a connection is not always stable, the USB comes with two ports.

Videos will come out as truly amazing with the technology this webcam holds. You will find it is complete with advanced encoding technology, precision auto focus and tracking ability.

The softer version of ring lighting, with the latest LED technology gives you natural lighting without glare or flares.

Built to look just as nice as it works, this webcam plus, includes the recording ability that will provide clear communication so everyone can hear your voice. The built in stereo microphone comes with echo reducing and noise reduction technology.

When your meetings, recording sessions or video calls are completed, you can cover up this great little piece of equipment with its own cover. This also obviously protects you from computer hackers that access your camera. This is the perfect camera for those that are in the education field and having to teach students from home.

The compatibility of this all in one webcam, recording device is the ultimate. There is no driver that needs to be installed. This will work on all types: Chrome, Linux, Android, Windows, Mac and will work with any of the Apps for video calls, networking meetings, Facetime or Skype.

This amazing webcam, tracking and ring light technology is lightweight, coming in at 3kg. The dimensions of the utility are 21.5 x 11.6 x 7.2 cm. This is not going to take up much space at all, considering how much this small piece of equipment does.

Within the package you will receive the webcam, recording equipment, and the user manual. You will need to go into your computer to change the camera default and the voice microphone defaults. All the instructions are clear as to how to do this.

The style is sleek, the quality is excellent and the price is more than reasonable, and even cheaper than those cameras that do not offer as many perks as this Archycals webcam, recording lighted camera. The reviews all agree you can’t find a better quality, with all the features and the superb performance provided by this webcam set up.


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