International inventors and product creators are being given the chance to sell their new wares to potential buyers in Channel 4’s highly anticipated show, Buy It Now, launching on April 16th at 5:30pm GST. The series is presented by singer, actor and comedian Brian Conley and will feature Fran Busby, Managing Director of Ideal World, one of the UK’s largest TV shopping channels.


Fran Busby is a seasoned professional when it comes to recognising what is needed in the cut and thrust world of TV shopping. With 25+ years of experience in buying and launching new products into TV shopping, Fran is the woman in the know for sensing the right ingredients required by a new product to not only survive but also be successful in this unforgiving TV retail environment.


Fran explained: “It’s very rare that you see so many new and innovative products in one place at one time! We at Ideal World thrive on our ability to identify innovation first and to grasp the initiative in getting these products to market quickly before the competitors can catch us. However it’s not purely about the products but how the inventor brings them to life and shows the problem and solution that item delivers in an entertaining way.


“It was a fantastic experience overall, the whole team including Brian, Studio Lambert and my fellow retailers were all great fun to work with. It was quite daunting at first, but with all the support of the team and product presentations, the nerves soon disappeared!”


Buy It Now will run for six weeks starting Monday April 16th and Fran will be a familiar face throughout the series, snapping up innovative and exciting products that are sure to engage interests.


Fran Busby commented: “I bought into new and innovative products and inventors that will give Ideal World shoppers a chance to bring them into their homes.”


Ideal World shoppers will get to see and buy the products bought by Fran on Buy It Now on the company’s website after each episode airs. Be sure to check online for a variety of product information, demonstrations and exclusive behind-the-scenes content.


Fran commented further: “The viewers will get to see some of the inventor’s dreams come true and see how life changing this experience was! There were some great and not so great products and lots of fun moments which shouldn’t be missed!”


Be sure to tune into Channel 4 at 5:30pm on Monday 16th April for the launch of this brand new and exciting show!


Stay connected with the home of shopping TV, Ideal World, on Sky 654, Freeview 22, Virgin 747, Freesat 812 and at




After 10 years, technology presenter Janice Phillips has left Ideal World:

Janice published a statement regarding her departure: "I wanted to let you all know I will no longer be working at Ideal World.

It has been a very difficult decision to make and I have given it a lot of thought and consideration.


I have worked with amazingly talented people over my time at Ideal World and over my 10 years I have made friends who will remain friends for life and gained many friends here on facebook. I would like to thank you all for your support.

Every time I turned up for work I would have a smile on my face and joy in my heart knowing I was going to do a job I loved and was very lucky to have.

I hope you gained knowledge from me and enjoyed the shows that I was a part of.

Leaving any job can be stressful but when you are leaving behind such great people its even harder.


I wish the company and all its employees the very best for the future."


Janice has not moved away from the world of Shopping Telly and has joined the Hochanda.


Janice said how she is feeling about the move: “I am really looking forward to being part of a team who are dedicated to the world of crafts, hobbies and arts and it will be a huge privilege to work alongside some of the most amazingly talented crafting experts in the business. Oh and don't forget to put the kettle on!”


Hochanda TV Operations Manager Adam Frisby said: “I have known Janice for many years and I am really excited she is joining our Presentation team at HOCHANDA. Janice is very experienced in the world of shopping TV and will bring a new dynamic on air as she begins her crafting journey, learning new skills and techniques. I’m sure everyone at home will join me in welcoming her to her new home.”




Following a pre Christmas statement with the news that Shopping Nation would leave the Sky platform and run it's operation online, however today the channel ceased trading.


Shopping Nation issued the following statement:


"Dear Friends


We are so sorry to confirm that Shopping Nation has ceased trading and that the channel is for sale. Our owners want to reassure everyone that all suppliers will be paid and that customers orders will be either fulfilled or refunded.


We are incredibly sad that despite the best efforts of our small and talented team, our international owners have decided not to continue with Shopping Nation and to instead focus on their business interests in Europe.


Thank you all so much for your kindness and support of our business."


This follows the closure of The Craft Channel last year leaving customers, suppliers and presenters out of pocket..



It has created a stir on social media over the past few weeks and Price Crash has returned to TV after a near 10-year absence.


Its return is brought to you by On Air Media who are responsible for producing various shopping channels including (Sky 680) and (Sky 669). The majority of the On Air Media team worked on the original Price Crash and have the blessing of its creator and shopping TV legend, David Ades.


Derek Marks who was one of the original Price Crash presenters said: “it seems this is the era of great nostalgia returning to our TV screens so I am really excited to be part of this Price Crash reboot. We really believe that no one is doing what we have planned for everyone watching at home. We have some great deals and products that haven’t been on shopping TV for years!”.


Price Crash originally ran from 2004 to 2008 and became infamous for its fun and quirky deals including Buy One Get One Free, Free Gifts and Free P&P. The team behind its return have promised to re-create some of the old magic with a great range of products for the home, kitchen and garden plus a selection of gifts and gadgets.


So don’t miss out on the great deals... tune in to Price Crash from 6am to 10pm every day on Sky 677, or online 24/7 at



With Liberty Interactive's $2.6 billion buyout of HSN nearing, the QVC parent has already begun a senior management housecleaning. The first announced departures include the triumvirate of executives that form the Office of the Chief Executive, created after longtime CEO Mindy Grossman resigned in April, while a new organizational structure is almost exclusively comprised of QVC brass.


"The top three executives at HSN Inc. will step down after HSN is acquired by Liberty Interactive Group, the parent company of HSN rival QVC."


See the full story at the Tampa Bay Business Journal




Join Ideal World as we showcase Sage’s brand new ‘Quick Touch Crisp’ Microwave and Grill. This easy-to-use piece of equipment takes the guesswork out of preparing your meal by cooking to the most accurate temperature according to what you want to cook using its smart settings.


Designed by well renowned chef Heston Blumenthal, the smart one-touch buttons have a variety of settings for everyday tasks including baking a potato, toasting a sandwich, warming baked beans, softening butter and so much more. PLUS with the inverter technology built in, the Quick Touch Crisp Microwave varies the power level, maintaining a constant stream of heat so it can brown and crisp foods like pies, pastries and pizzas – just like a conventional oven!


This clever piece of equipment will be available at an unbelievable price of only £229.99 at Ideal World.