Katy Perry Is Announced As PSA Ambassador For 25th Anniversary Of  FFANY Shoes


Katy Perry, will serve as the 2018 PSA Ambassador for the 25th Anniversary of "FFANY Shoes on Sale.....Read More

Ideal World Meets Primetime TV Show


International inventors and product creators are being given the chance to sell their new wares to potential buyers in Channel 4’s highly anticipated show.....Read More 

Liberty Media CEO Says QVC, HSN Ready to Battle Amazon in Shopping Telly Arena


"They can do whatever they want and if they decide to enter video shopping, they would be a formidable competitor," Greg Maffei told a stockholders meeting.....Read More

Shopping Channel Position Change on Sky


Sky TV is changing the channel numbers where you can find your favourite shopping channels.....Read More

HSN/QVC Exec Revealed Celebrity Email Addresses in Contentious Memo


An exec at HSN/QVC sent out a company-wide email this week telling their on-air talent to cut back on their “used car salesman” schtick and if that wasn’t bad enough … he didn’t BCC the recipients, meaning the email addresses of several major celebrities went out company-wide.....Read More

Janice Phillips Quits Ideal World


After 10 years, technology presenter Janice Phillips has left Ideal World.....Read More

Price Crash is Back


It has created a stir on social media over the past few weeks and Price Crash has returned to TV after a near 10-year absence......Read More

Shopping Nation has Ceased Trading


Following a pre Christmas statement with the news that Shopping Nation would leave the Sky platform and run it's operation online, however today the channel ceased trading.......Read More

Choosing the Best T Shirt Printing Machine Helps to Grow Your Business


One of the most successful small business is of creating T-shirts by printing different graphic images on them. Clothing can never go out of business since people need clothes no matter what. A successful business is the one who identifies the gap in the market and then fill it by bringing in the suitable substitute. T-shirts is that clothing item which can never go out of fashion and neither can people get bored of it. From plain T-shirts to printed ones, people appreciate and like wearing all of them in routine life. Not only they add comfort but have also formed a fashion statement.


The trend of graphic tees was loved by nearly everyone all over the globe. Seeing the opportunity in the field, many new small business vendors jumped into the market and started selling their custom designed T shirts. It all depended on the quality of cloth and designs which were being used to produce a graphic or printed T-shirt. To make the business grow and keep the customers engaged and happy there are some important points that need to be kept in mind. Getting high quality equipment to print the designs is of high importance and the items and equipment which are required to print a good quality T-shirt design and the most important among them. Most important in that equipment is the heat press machine which pastes the design on the T shirt. There are several machines available in the market to print the T shirts but to get the best and well suited is the aim of every person. For that matter, you can get a list of best T Shirt Printing Press available in the market and choose the one which suits your requirements best.


Before making the purchase you need to keep some important points in mind. First would be the quality of the machine. The better quality of machine your purchase ensures that it stays durable and will work long term with you. Another important point here will be the price. Of course you don’t want to step out of your budget and buy an expensive equipment before even starting your business. Make sure that the machine will meet your requirements and then purchase it while still staying in your budget. A digital timer and temperature control to monitor the heating is also required in the heating machine else there are chances that you will over heat or under heat the shirt design and it will be ruined.


Heat Platen ensures that the heat is distributing uniformly on the machine. This is important for your T shirt business and if the heat is not being distributed uniformly, it can also damage your design while printing. Before making the purchase make sure you have done all the research and are buying the machine which suits your requirements best. Since you will be making this purchase for your business, you should be aware that the quality of T Shirts you will produce, will be effecting your customers directly.

Create and Craft launch their

Christmas event this June!


Create and Craft can’t wait to launch their most festive of events, with their Christmas event running for a whole 12 days from Monday 11th – Friday 22nd June. This year their mission is to encourage crafters to get ready for the Christmas craft season by starting their makes early......Read More

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