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Rovus Smart Air Fan

Sometimes there's just no satisfaction in the air around you. It is either too hot, too cold, too dry or has an unpleasant smell. Yes, you could get a humidifier, haul water to fill it, bring in an oil diffuser, find a small room heater and a small air conditioner to cool off. That sure seems like a whole lot of hassle to go through.

What if I tell you there is a way to get all your needs for a warmer or cooler room, to add moisture to the air or to get rid of that funky smell in your office? I can do just that! With the Rovus Smart Air Fan you have it all in one compact sized appliance. This great item is environmentally ready for you and comes with a handy remote control for ease and convenience. Other key benefits of the Rovus Smart Air Fan include:

  1. Dual Oscillating fan capability. All fans can move the air side to side, only the Rovus Smart Air Fan will oscillate up and down also. This can help with a complete air circulation.

  2. Built with an LED lit humidity control, you can add the needed moisture and be able to know what the humidity is in the office or room.

  3. Scented oils are all the rage, with the Rovus Smart Air Fan, you only need to add a few drops of your favourite oil to give you a full surround of aroma.

  4. Three air flow types!! With the smart air fan, you can have the air circulate at a normal method, a natural method or a sleep method. With the normal method, air is circulated around the room. With the natural setting there is a light wind experience. With the sleep mode, the speed of the fan will decrease by one speed every thirty minutes.

  5. The automatic shut-off allows you to control the length of time the fan runs. You can set it for 30 minutes or up to 7.5 hours.

  6. The heat setting will warm up virtually any room in your home or office.

  7. Personalised for you. With the Rovus Smart air Fan, you can set each setting for exactly how you want it. You will not be subjected to the experience of too cold, too hot or just does not seem like it is doing anything.

  8. Comes wit the Rovus Smart Air Fan User Manual

  9. There is 1800 watts of power

The Rovus Smart Air Fan is stylish and compact. It will not be like you have a huge and ugly machine in the room. There are 12 fan speeds and batteries are included in the remote. When you open the package, you are ready to go.

The reviews coming in prove that this one machine is all you need for most seasons throughout the year. Complete with a 30 day money back guarantee, you have more than an adequate amount of time to determine that this is the machine for you and your family.


ONLY £129.99

Or split the cost into 3 easy payments of £43.33 with Klarna (excludes delivery) Want it tomorrow? Click Here and choose One-Day Delivery at checkout.


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