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DOUHE Portable Space Heater

Whether you want to give a slight boost to your central heating system or want to offset the cold in a bone-chilling room, portable heaters are your best option. Gone are the days when space heaters were dangerous and consumed a lot of energy. Modern space heaters are efficient, safe, and smart, helping owners to slash hundreds of dollars from their electricity bill. Many people combat the chilly winters with a portable space heater - a cheerful gadget that radiates March in the middle of January.

There are a huge variety of space heaters that you can choose from. Because it may get pretty daunting when you are looking at all the choices available we have selected one of the best for you. The Douhe Portable Space heater goes easy on your pocket and guarantees a comfortable winter filled with warmth.

The Douhe Space heater comes with a swing head and three modes. This oscillating fan heater warms the room pretty fast, as it dispenses hot air to more than one place. It comes with three adjustable heating modes. The blue light mode refers to the simple fan mode that serves a dual purpose. It can be used in light summers and winters as well. The dark red mode refers to a low heating mode, which is the best for November winters and keeps you cosy. The light red mode refers to a high heating mode, suitable for chilly winter days.

It is a fan heater with tip-over and overheat protection, which controls the power of the space heater according to the temperature of the room. It is an accident-proof space heater which would automatically turn off, in case it trips off. It involves PTC ceramic heating technology which would enable you to save hundreds of dollars off your electricity bill and makes it more efficient to use for a longer span of time.

Whether you want a space heater for your bedroom or office, you need one which is compact, reliable, portable, along with a modern design. Douhe Portable Space heaters are an energy-efficient and an eco-friendly option. It is a safe and lightweight space heater and does a great job at heating the room, and making it cosy.

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