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Flashvin Electric Dehumidifier

At times it is difficult to control the humidity in your house. Your hair gets frizzy, and

smells mouldy to the extent that you ought to take a break from this humid atmosphere. The best way to get rid of such humidity is to install a small electric dehumidifier. A dehumidifier just keeps the air around you fresh and your house feels like a


They not only control the humidity level but also reduce the presence of bacteria. Flashvin electric dehumidifier not only dehumidifies the air around you but also reduces moulds, dust mites, and musty odours to improve the quality of air. With a compact and a smart design, Flashvin dehumidifier is perfect for bedrooms, kitchen, basement, garage, or your wardrobe.

It works on a pretty standard Semiconductor Refrigeration technology. When warm air, full of moisture meets the semiconductor cooler, the moisture present in the air condenses as droplets on the plate. The air thus received is cool and free from moisture.

This lightweight, small dehumidifier provides a one-touch switch design which helps you to easily operate the unit. The water tank is detachable, and you can easily dispose off the water without carrying the whole unit to the sink. Unlike other dehumidifiers, Flashvin doesn’t even produce an inch of noise, making it possible for you to keep it running all through the day and night. Not only it dehumidifies the air, but also saves a lot on the electricity bill.

The purpose of a dehumidifier is to not only reduce the moisture of the air, and keep the clothes and walls from staining, but also to create a healthy and comfortable living situation. Flashvin dehumidifier provides all of that at a really affordable price, keeping your place safe and allergen-free.

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