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Pure Siesta Home Compact All-In-One Music System

Wireless audio systems have been around for quite a long time, but have tend to replace the traditional radio concept which we somewhat loved. With the Bluetooth option trending in almost all of the stereo systems, many major companies have completely eliminated the CD option, which is quite a setback.

An all-in-one compact system is pretty hard to find. But, Pure has introduced ‘Siesta home’ which is the smallest all-in-one system’. The system is a complete package, providing all the stereo options combined into one. Pure Siesta Home has a radio, alarm clock, CD player, LCD display, Bluetooth, Remote control, and USB charging as well!

The Siesta Home is an ideal sound system due to its compact size and varied features. It enables you to listen to any type of music you want. Be it any radio channel or the favourite CD from your childhood Siesta Home has got you all covered. It also features four alarm modes, timers, and backlit buttons.

Pure’s Siesta Home tailors the sound to suit your ears. It uses SoundSpace EQ, which optimises your listening experience by choosing the room profile. SoundSpace EQ takes into account the room size, the reverberation time and the product placement to provide music that is suited to the environment the system is placed in. it provides the best music experience with added bass and treble controls, so you can have full control over how you listen to music.

Choosing a stereo system can be quite tricky with so many options available in the market. However, there are only few which meets up to the standard and versatility of Pure’s Siesta Home Music system. It tailors the music according to your needs and gives you the control over your music, with a remote control so you can access the system from anywhere in the room. It even provides you with the comfort of personalised listening with an exclusive headphone jack. Pure’s Siesta Home is the actual definition of versatility with quality.

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